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"Band Directors from Across Nine Counties Rely on Port Huron Music Center"

Port Huron Music Center has been serving area musicians' repair and maintenance needs for over 40 years. Our expert repair technicians are meticulous, quick, surprisingly inexpensive - and certified by the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians.

See why band directors across nine counties rely on Port Huron Music Center to service all of their instruments. Feel the difference between an off-the-shelf instrument and one that has been tailored to your individual playing style and tastes. Hear the instrument you thought was dead and gone sing again, even better than before.

Free Estimates...

Estimates are free and accurate. Turnaround times are short, and we will notify you when your instrument is ready to be picked up. We even deliver repaired band instruments directly back to your child's school, saving you the trip.

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Maintenance and Replacement Coverage

As a new service to our valued customers, Port Huron Music Center is now offering Instrument Repair and Replacement Coverage. This inexpensive but vital service will make sure that your instrument stays in peak playing condition so you will never have the unexpected expense and worry of keeping it performance-ready.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Port Huron Music Center is pleased to announce the addition of the finest state of the art cleaning system ever provided in any professional musical instrument repair shop. The old method of chemically cleaning of instrument sometimes also referred to as acid cleaning, required the use of sometimes very strong acids or long soaking times to clean out the organic matter that accumulates inside of all instruments from use. Up until now this was the best method to clean any instrument, but it did not clean the interior entirely. A dirty instrument negatively affects the response and the slide and valve action. The Ultrasonic system uses sound waves instead of harsh chemicals to clean your instrument thoroughly. Inside the Ultrasonic tank, which is large enough to clean even a 6/4 tuba, a series of transducers mounted in the bottom of the tank introduce the sound waves into the cleaning liquid. These soundwaves produce thousands of alternating high and low pressure waves per second. As these pass through the waterbased cleaning solution, millions of microscopic bubbles form, which produce a scrubbing action proven to be a more effective degreaser than mechanical or chemical means combined. Cleaning instruments with ultrasonics has the distinct advantage of penetrating complex geometry and removing tightly bound contaminants from a variety of surfaces even in the smallest space of a musical instrument. It will also clean areas unreachable by brush or mechanical means.

Before/After examples of Ultrasonic Cleaning: