Recreational Music Making

Recreational Music Making (RMM) provides a great opportunity to fulfill a lost childhood experience of learning to play the piano - or for others, it’s the rekindling of an interest in playing the piano. Rather than focusing on the outcome, such as performing at a recital, RMM classes are all about the experience of making music. Thus, stress isn’t a component of playing the piano in a group setting where laughter can often be heard. Sharing music with the other students provides the chance to make new friends while at the same time activates brain cells, proving we’re never too old to learn! Classes are scheduled in eight week sessions.

Marcia Collins: Marcia has been teaching piano lessons to youth and adults in her home studio for nearly 30 years. She has played piano in area churches and also performs as an accompanist. Marcia has a piano minor from Central Michigan University and also plays violin with the International Symphony Orchestra. Marcia is a certified teacher through the Michigan Music Teachers Association and serves as secretary of the Port Huron Music Teachers Association. Marcia enjoys teaching adults how to play the piano in the Recreational Music Making format, where it’s all about low stress, meeting new friends, and having fun!
  Barbara Collins: Barbara has been teaching piano to children and adults in Port Huron since 1971. She is the principal accompanist at St. Joseph Catholic Church and accompanist for many vocal and instrumental performers. She plays piano with the Port Huron Piano Trio, presenting educational programs in elementary schools. She holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Central Michigan University and is a certified teacher of piano and music education through Michigan Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association. She is currently the president of Port Huron Music Teachers Association. She loves helping adults “return to the keyboard” in Recreational Music Classes and having fun with music!